Criteria lists

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Animal care products


Cleaning detergents
Cleaning wipes
Cotton wool products
Disinfectants for cleaning

Fabric softeners
Face masks
Foam washcloths
Hair products
Hand disinfection
Kitchen towels and toilet rolls
Laundry detergents
Nursing pads 
Paint for indoor use 
Panty liners 
Personal care
Personal hygiene

Sanitary towels

Special treatment for textiles, e.g., stain removal and bleaching
Wet wipes


What does it take before we establish new criteria?

If you cannot find a relevant category for your products, it may be because we do not have criteria for the product type in question. In this case, you are welcome to contact us. It may be that your product can be assessed under one of our existing criteria, even if it is not listed.

We prioritise developing specific criteria for new product types if:

  • The product type may trigger skin allergy on contact with the skin
  • The product type may trigger skin allergy after airborne exposure
  • The product type may be discomforting to people with sensitive airways

Common to the product types that we choose to label is that they must be relevant for:

  • People who are already suffering from skin allergies
  • People who want to take care of their skin and minimise the risk of developing skin allergies
  • People with sensitive airways

Revision of criteria

We follow the scientific developments and work based on a precautionary principle. We only introduce new criteria or make changes to existing criteria if called for by professional considerations.

When we revise our criteria, it is based on thorough scientific preparation, and the changes are always subject to consultation with manufacturers and other stakeholders.