Our most important value as a consumer label is credibility.

Our most important value as a consumer label is credibility. Our allergy label is the consumer's guarantee that we have checked the products according to our criteria. This is crucial when faced with choosing one product over the other.

Through our control, we enforce the trust that consumers put in our label. Therefore, subsequent control is part of our contractual agreement with you and a prerequisite for you to maintain a certification.

We also conduct regular market surveillance to ensure that our label and name are not used for the marketing of products that are not certified by us.

It is important to emphasise that our control is a supplement to your own controlling activities, which is an important and necessary part of having a certification. As a manufacturer, you take on the responsibility to ensure that the product is manufactured according to the given approval – also at supplier level. Our control provides you with external documentation that you live up to your responsibilities and control your production and suppliers, ensuring high credibility of the label.

It gives us possibilities to offer a third party evaluation on products in connection to allergy - and this gives a good credibility.

— Anne Monrad Larsen, Allison A/S

Our product control is implemented in several ways:

Document control:

  • We routinely collect documentation from you and check it against the given approval.
  • We ask for new documentation in case we suspect non-compliance with the given approval.

Laboratory control:

  • We routinely select a number of products for analysis.
  • We analyse specific products in case we suspect non-compliance with the given approval.

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Document control

The procedure for the individual controls depends on whether it is a product or a raw material that is certified through us.

It is our experience that the ongoing control is a good argument when you – as a private brand or brand owner – are selling your products. It assures both you, a possible brand owner, the retail chain and, ultimately, the consumers that the product meets our criteria and requirements.

When you sign an agreement with us, we will make the first control the year after your first certification is given. Based on that you will be placed in one of the control groups. The document control is divided into three customer control groups. The placement depends on the nature of discrepancies identified.

Please note that you as a manufacturer must always apply for approval of changes before you market changed products.

With our control of your certified raw materials, you have a good sales argument vis-à-vis your customers: Your customers will feel safe knowing that your raw materials have been assessed by an independent third party in relation to allergy risks.

Your certified raw materials are checked every three, five or ten years, depending on the type of raw material:

Please note that any changes related to the certification of the products must always be applied for prior to marketing.

If we find errors in relation to your approval, it may cause us to increase the control frequency. In case we suspect intentional non-compliance with the given approval, we may, ultimately, terminate the contract. We also reserve the right to request new documentation to assess whether the approval is still being complied with.

Laboratory control

We perform a routine laboratory control every year. Here, we check specific product groups or mixed product types in relation to selected substances and relevant parameters. The test results are used for generalised, anonymised information for relevant recipients, such as consumers on Facebook or our website. We always share the test results individually with each customer.

In case we suspect non-compliance or in case of consumer complaints, we will establish a dialogue with all parties involved, and we may initiate laboratory analyses to check whether the product complies with the given approval.

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