Types of products

Cosmetic products

Many people come into daily contact with make-up and personal care products.

Several of the products are in contact with the skin for a long time, and that may pose a risk of skin allergy. In the worst case, skin allergy may lead to lifelong discomfort.

In this category you will find, among other things: Personal care, hair care, personal hygiene, make-up, hand sanitizers, wet wipes and animal care products.

Common to all cosmetic products is that:

  • We need to know all the ingredients
  • We do not permit substances that pose a particular risk of causing skin allergies
  • We do not permit perfume
  • We limit substances that may irritate the skin and respiratory tract the use of colourants is only permitted in make-up
  • We demand that ingredients with food allergens do not contain proteins
  • We have special focus on natural ingredients and demand that certain chemical substances be removed before the ingredient is permitted
  • We demand knowledge of all chemicals in wet wipes
  • We always approve the product label so there is nothing misleading within our area
  • We demand that all ingredients be displayed on the product itself and not just on the packaging

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Hand sanitizer

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Spray products

We have special requirements for spray products in order to help people with sensitive airways.

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Natural ingredients

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Make-up carrying our labels must live up to our general requirement not to contain substances with a particular risk of causing skin allergies.

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