Make an informed choice

Use the allergy labelling to make an informed choice.

The label of Asthma Allergy Nordic and Asthma-Allergy Denmark's Blue Label allow you to make an active choice about taking extra good care of your skin to reduce the risk of skin allergies for you and your family. Products with our allergy labels are found in more than 70 countries – in Denmark alone, more than 1,800 products carry our label – and new ones are being added all the time.

We take care of your skin

With the allergy labelling, we help you to make an informed choice so that you can easily protect your skin and minimise the risk of developing skin allergies. Our team of specialists examines all ingredients in the products and carefully assesses each product's allergy risk – from the production process to the application of the product. We only permit products with a minimal allergy risk to carry The Blue Label.

Once allergy, always allergy

Skin allergy – also called contact dermatitis – is typically caused by perfumes, preservatives and metals such as nickel or chromium. These substances are found in many different everyday products, from detergents and shampoos to sanitary towels and make-up. The longer your skin is exposed to allergens, the greater the risk that you will develop a skin allergy. Once you have contracted a skin allergy, you will have it for life. This is because your immune system does not forget a substance once it has had an allergic reaction to it.

Your benchmark when shopping

It can be difficult to understand a product label and tell which ingredients in a deodorant or lotion may cause skin allergies. Therefore, our allergy labelling acts as your benchmark when you shop. Our specialists have done the work for you so you do not have to be in doubt about the product's allergy risk: If you already have a skin allergy or you want to minimise the risk of developing it, then look for our label when shopping.

In the allergy labelling, we set strict requirements for the content of chemical substances in the product and in the production. We do this to give you as a consumer the best tool to avoid skin allergies – a chronic disease that currently affects about a fifth of the Danish population.

A wide range of products

We label products within a wide range of categories. To date, there are more than 1,800 products with Asthma Allergy Nordic and The Blue Label in Denmark alone. In this way, we help to take good care of you in your everyday life.

Product types with allergy labelling:

Allergy labelling on a global scale

You will find Asthma Allergy Nordic and The Blue Label all over the world. On the interactive map below, you can see which products are available in the different countries.

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