Existing skin allergy

Do you already have a skin allergy? If you are already allergic to one or more substances, Asthma Allergy Nordic and The Blue Label may be helpful in your everyday life.

In the allergy labelling, we set very special requirements to ensure that substances that are known to pose a special risk of causing skin allergies may not be present in products with our labelling. If you choose products with our labels, you can be sure that the product poses a minimal risk of allergies. The allergy-labelled products also help to reduce the risk that, as a contact allergy sufferer, you will develop an allergy to new substances.

Read more about the allergy labelling and our requirements here.

With the allergy labelling, we make your everyday life easier. If you look for Asthma Allergy Nordic and The Blue Label, then you do not have to study the product label every time you shop. Also, you can use Asthma-Allergy Denmark's digital database, Kemilex, to search for products with Asthma Allergy Nordic and The Blue Label. In the Kemilex app, you can also see evaluations of the allergy risk of a large number of ingredients and find products that are free of specific ingredients. This may be useful if you are allergic to a substance where allergies are rare, and where the substance consequently is permitted in products with Asthma Allergy Nordic and The Blue Label.

Search our database Kemilex here.

If you react to a product

Although we evaluate all ingredients in the products we label, unfortunately we cannot completely eliminate the risk of allergic reactions. Some people are particularly sensitive and get skin allergies to substances where you do not normally see allergies. If you get a rash or redness from a product, it is always a good idea to stop using the product and to contact your doctor if the problem persists.

We would always like to hear from you if you have had a reaction to a product with Asthma Allergy Nordic and The Blue Label, so we can examine the product and contact the manufacturer.