Paints may contain allergens and substances that can irritate the respiratory tract. These substances may easily come into contact with the skin and airways when the paint is drying.

In this category you will find: Indoor paint for ceilings, floors, panels and walls.

Common to all paint is that:

  • We need to know all the ingredients
  • We need to know all the chemicals used in the production
  • We have limits for how much the product may evaporate for up to a month after application
  • We do not permit preservatives that are allergenic. This also applies to the mixtures to which paint is added
  • We do not permit substances that pose a particular risk of skin allergy
  • We do not permit perfume
  • We permit colourants as long as they live up to our requirements
  • We always approve the product label so there is nothing misleading within our area

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