Types of products

Paper and hygiene products

Paper and hygiene products are a category that covers a large number of products that are in contact with our skin in everyday life.

For these products there is no way to see which ingredients are in the product because the legislation does not require any declaration orproduct labelling.

In this category you will find, among other things: Nappies, sanitary towels, panty liners, nursing pads, bandages, paper towels, toilet paper, face masks, tampons, handkerchiefs, foam washcloths, cotton wool products.

Common to all paper and hygiene products is that:

  • We need to know all the ingredients
  • We need to know all the chemicals used in the production
  • We have special focus on allergenic preservatives
  • We have special focus on paper material from coniferous wood, where we require that the content of rosin is very low – this also applies to the packaging of the products
  • We do not permit substances that pose a particular risk of causing skin allergies
  • We do not permit perfume
  • We do not permit lotions in the products
  • We permit colourants in the products if they have a function and live up to our requirements
  • We always approve the product label so there is nothing misleading within our area

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Face masks

When choosing a face mask with the allergy label of Asthma Allergy Nordic, you avoid ingredients that imply a special risk of allergies.

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