Types of products

Laundry and cleaning detergents

When you choose allergy-friendly laundry and cleaning determents, you will reduce the skin's exposure to allergens.

Laundry and cleaning detergents are a regular part of everyday life and come into contact with our skin, even though each contact may not last long. This is typically the case due to the daily use of the products.

In this category you will find, among other things: Laundry detergents, cleaning detergents, stain removers, bleaches, fabric softeners, disinfectants, cleaning wipes.

Common to all laundry and cleaning detergents is that:

  • We need to know all the ingredients
  • We do not permit substances that pose a particular risk of causing skin allergies
  • We do not permit perfumes and colourants
  • We limit substances that can irritate the skin and respiratory tract
  • For certain substances, we demand documentation that allergens have been removed
  • We have special focus on natural ingredients and demand that certain chemical substances be removed before the ingredient is permitted
  • We demand knowledge of all chemicals in cleaning wipes, and we demand that the product can be handled without gloves
  • We always approve the product label so there is nothing misleading within our area
  • We demand that all ingredients be listed on the product itself and not just on the manufacturer's website, as required by law

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