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Application and approval process

Read about the application and approval process if you want your products to carry the label of Asthma Allergy Nordic or The Blue Label.

If you want your products to use our label, the first step is to sign a contract with us. The contract lays down the framework for our future cooperation. This must be in place before you can apply for labelling of specific products. Our contract is standard and the same for everyone.

Requisition our contract and other information here.

After this, we recommend that you carefully read our criteria for the relevant product. It will save you time when you are gathering the documentation needed for the application itself. You can also use our database, Kemilex, to get a closer look at how we have assessed individual substances.

Free introductory meeting

Are you considering certifying your products with us? Do you need more information about the process, relevant criteria, strategy, prices, or time estimates? Then book a free introduction to certification with one of our experts.

Remember to always consult the relevant product criteria prior to the meeting. In this way, we can give you the best possible insight into expenses, benefits, and the service we provide.


For the introductory meeting, we review the types of applications that are relevant to your company. We also answer questions regarding criteria, confidentiality etc., and we present several tools that may help you with the practicalities of applying.

If you choose to sign a cooperation agreement with us, you will have access to our information portal. Here, you will enjoy ongoing counselling and get access to our many tools and support documents.

Requirements that apply to all product groups

  • Substances that pose a special risk of contact dermatitis are not permitted in products with our label.
  • We need to know all the ingredients of the product. This includes ingredients in the product's raw materials as well as any production chemicals.
  • We require artwork for approval prior to certification of the product.
  • All certifications are subject to follow-up control. Read more here.

In connection with the evaluation of your application, it may be necessary to obtain confidential information from your raw material suppliers and in turn their suppliers. We can sign a declaration of confidentiality with them if the need arises.

Other certifications, standards or statements regarding compliance with national legislation and regulations are not relevant documentation. Safety data sheets and technical data sheets are not sufficient documentation, but may be a good addition.

Our test requirements only relate to help document the presence or absence of ingredients and their exact content, also over time. This documentation may result in a requirement for testing for possible impurities in raw materials or the final product. Such requirement may arise if information about raw materials or chemical substances in the production gives reason to believe that the product contains impurities that pose an allergy risk. In addition, testing may be required as part of the criteria, e.g., for spray products.

We do not accept testing of products as evidence of lack of an allergy risk. This includes patch testing or animal testing.


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