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Hearing on Criteria for Labelling of Paint and Varnish with Asthma Allergy Nordic

The allergy label Asthma Allergy Nordic is a collaboration between the Swedish, Norwegian and Danish Asthma Allergy Associations. The aim of the label is to continue the work from the national labels. This is to ensure that products with the label help consumers with a known allergy but should also help to prevent, that consumers develop skin allergy over time. An additional focus on asthma and airway sensitizers and irritants also means that some consumers with sensitive airways or asthma may find that the label helps them. It is never possible to protect all allergy patients, nor is it possible to guarantee that consumers do not get allergic reactions, using products recommended by Asthma Allergy Nordic, but the label ensures a high level of protection in both areas.

Read the draft criteria for paint and varnish here.

The consultation has expired.

When they have been finalized the Criteria for Paint and Varnish will be published on Asthma Allergy Nordic's website on our list of criteria here.


Once the consultation is completed, we will review and assess the responses received. In view of this, the revised criteria are decided and published on Asthma Allergy Nordic's website and sent to all partners. When published, a deadline for complying to the criteria for existing and new certification is also stated.


The three organizations behind the Asthma Allergy Nordic label gives you the opportunity to comment on our draft for criteria for paints and varnishes.

One of the aims of the criteria is to help producers of paint and varnish focus on areas of special awareness, when they buy raw materials from their suppliers. but the aim of criteria is also to specify what documentation is necessary to have in order to show that the product is in compliance with our criteria.

We would like to you to pay special attention to requirements 2 and 3. These requirements involve at least one test to fulfill the documentation requirements. It is very important that you consider the feasibility of the test (and test conditions) and the levels which are set for the products. Please enclose any alternative suggestions with documentation and arguments in support of the suggestion made.

Also, we would like your input on the feasibility of, in the future, adding a requirement that allows the labelling of products that are tinted at the retailers. Asthma Allergy Nordic has considered opening the criteria to include products that are tinted by retailers, however, this must be followed by a very stringent control and quality management in order to ensure that the tinted products still meet the criteria of allergy labelled paints and varnishes. We would like to ask you, if you would have any interest in getting a certification for “retailer-tinted” products if you had to put in place a management and control scheme specifically for this? Both the base and the tint must be certified prior to sell. If yes, we would like to initiate a dialogue as to what the requirements for the quality management could and should include in order to make it both operational and secure the high credibility of the allergy label.

Read the draft criteria for paint and varnish here.